Imagine living on 2.5 acres of our beautiful Earth that is yours to keep and steward for the rest of your life and for all your future generations. You have lovingly planted extensive forest gardens throughout your domain that include a living fence and your sacred family trees. These forest gardens self-sustain and will provide you with all of your food, medicine, shelter, and energy for the rest of your life. You have a small, off-grid home that you built with your own hands and designed to suit your micro-climate perfectly.

Your neighbors are amazing people of all walks of life who you adore and who adore you. The children in the community are fully engaged in their education: they design and build their own school buildings, design and plant their own experimental forest gardens, follow their passions fully and achieve a level of mastery in all the sciences. Our children teach us how to live and we use them only as a check on our own purity.

Your community has a business center that is an entrepreneur’s paradise. The entrepreneurs within the community create businesses that deliver huge value to surrounding cities and towns, our ecosystems, and your neighbors. We all do exactly as we choose, pursuing our highest passions with exciting levels of productivity while enjoying as much time as we desire to contemplate and dream, connect intimately with loved ones, and find joy in life.

You have found Living Earth Village. We invite you to take this dream and make it your own, expand and add what makes you unique.

We are now forming Teams for volunteers to help us co-create all aspects of Living Earth Village. We would love your contribution! To learn more, please contact us.


4 Responses to Home

  1. Suzen Lily Talbot says:

    I was just given an introduction to your Living Earth Vision by my very dear family member, Finn Po.
    I am interested in finding out more about the details ,with possibility of deep commitment and involvement…
    Thank you!

  2. The new website is beautiful! Jess and I are dreaming more and more everyday. Everything and anything seems possible! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I very much believe in and support this beautiful project and envision this seed of American Renaissance spreading through the world with inspiration and optimism.

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