Get Involved!

There is much to do to bring Living Earth Village into physical reality and we would love to talk to you about how you would be interested in contributing! If you have interest in contributing your time, expertise, or financial capital to this project please call Scott at 928-301-6562. Thank you!


3 Responses to Get Involved!

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  2. Very Impressive! Thank you so very much for doing this pioneering work. I can not sign your non disclosure agreement today as my intent is to help form 2 Ringing Cedar Based communities and very possibly I would use some of the same techniques (wording) that you have used. I will follow your progress and hope to visit your community some day! Permaculture is great so are Forest Gardening, natural building, etc. Best of success to all of us on Planet Earth!

    • scottmcmahan says:

      Thank you for sharing, William. It’s important to note that the words on this site came through us for the purpose of creating Living Earth Village. While we absolutely support the creation of other projects and it is part of our long term mission to help fund these projects, the specific word combinations on this site are copyrighted by Living Earth Village. We encourage you and anyone to share and are grateful that you do as long as you use them to promote Living Earth Village and provide us with a link to your site showing us how you use our material. Failure to do so will not get you sued – it will probably bring you bad karma and undesired results for your projects. We trust you’ll be in your integrity with this, thank you.

      That said, we’d love to hear more about your project. Please share!

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